Thu 06 March 2014

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I have been thinking for quite some time about a best way to restart my blog and start writing again. Being an opinionated person I am, I feel like I have a whole lot to say about all sorts of things.

So, to kick things off, I moved off of Blogspot and created this using Pelican. I will start writing mostly about Erlang, as that's something that I want to talk about most these days. Of course, I'll try to write as much as I can about Test Driven Design and share my expertise about that as well. Expect to read a lot of posts about Python as well.

I realized a long time ago that writing long posts is not my style as I always end up having a ton of draft posts that I never publish. Either I loose interest in finishing it or the post is no longer relevant. So, the best course of action is to write often and and be concise and that is exactly what I'm planning to do here.

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